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Black Doctors for the reduction of maternal mortality and the improvement of women's health

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Welcome to Mocha OB-GYN Alliance (MOGA), a national, professional organization of Black OB-GYN female physicians dedicated to preserving and improving the reproductive health of BIPOC women and their unborn babies as well as promoting health equity through education and adherence to professional standards of OB-GYN care. Women of color face steep health disparities in the United States including but not limited to, the harsh differences in maternal mortality observed in Black women when compared to white women. We are committed to changing this paradigm.

The physicians in MOCHA OB-GYN Alliance hold a unique position because not only are they Black women who represent approximately two percent of the profession but many of them are also mothers. They are dedicated to creating a path towards a great birth experience for women of color and improved outcomes in women’s health matters.

Mocha OB-GYN

The Mocha OB-GYN Alliance is a membership organization dedicated to the improvement of healthcare outcomes for all women

Our Board Members

Dr. Gueye-Weinstein
Dr. Patricia Jeudin
Dr. Suleika Just-Buddy Michel
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